About our abortion campaigns

In today’s society where families are challenged by rapidly changing social norms, financial needs and other unique issues, abortion is the issue that really impacts every member of the family – as well as medical professionals, the legal arena and the community at large.

Throughout the last few years, we’ve had many opportunities to step to the forefront and be there for all those affected by abortion.

With recent law changes in both Queensland and New South Wales, we’ve been busy….

Latest Campaigns

Our campaigns around the last two abortion bills to be debated in the Queensland Parliament have seen us employ multi-faceted campaigns that not only provide facts and pertinent information… but engage and keep the public informed of the latest happenings alongside the human stories and medical information required for context.

kept the public informed of the latest happenings alongside the human stories and medical information required for context.

Our Campaign Activities

Our campaign activities around the proposed law changes in Queensland  and New South Wales included the following….

  • Made submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries into the bills
  • Appeared at Public Parliamentary Hearings 
  • Met with MP’s to offer information and assistance
  • Provided MP’s with supporting material for speeches in Parliament
  • Spoke to media about how the proposed changes would impact our communities
  • Provided campaign guides to our members, including letter writing guides, submission guide and live tweeting of the debate as it unfolded in Parliament
  • Supported professionals to make Parliamentary Submissions
  • Co-hosted Parliamentary panels, rallies and letter writing sessions to empower community members to have input on this issue.
  • Direct lobbying

Campaign Results

Every action makes a difference. But it was great to see positive outcomes from our campaigns.


We know that by implementing changes within institutions, educating & equipping the community and dialoguing with other groups, great change can be made to impact both culture and law.

Our proposed areas of advocacy include….


  • Support for women and families experiencing vulnerable pregnancies
  • Advocacy and legal protection for doctors and healthcare workers who do not wish to perform abortions
  • Advocacy and access of fertility management that avoids the risks, expense and low success rate of IVF and the health issues surrounding hormonal contraception.