Campaign Overview

Period: Oct 2017 (VIC) – Relaunch Oct 2019 (QLD Current)

Name: Defining Our Dying

Subject: Euthanasia/ Assisted Suicide

Let’s take a breath. An alternate voice to question the potential introduction of doctor assisted suicide (‘Voluntary Assisted Dying’) to the Queensland Parliament.

The Queensland Government is currently conducting an Inquiry into aged care, end-of-life and palliative care and voluntary assisted dying   via their Parliamentary Health Committee. You can read the Committee’s actions so far, including submissions and transcripts of public hearings, here:

What will euthanasia mean for our community? Follow this page to stay updated on the outcome of the Inquiry and to to hear from expert voices and stakeholders in this space. #VAD #TakeABreath


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Get Involved

A grassroots QLD-based initiative asking our elected representatives to reevaluate any potential euthanasia legislation, fully considering what it will mean for our community. You can make a difference by following these steps:

  • Read about the Inquiry:
  • Contact your MP with your concerns (reference content supplied below)
  • Write a Letter to the Editor HERE
  • Share your personal story (everyone is/ will be impacted by death)
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  • Let’s RESPECT our most vulnerable instead of NEGLECTING them so they feel valued and not burdens
  • Let’s CARE for our most vulnerable instead of KILL them
  • Why aren’t we improving palliation services more before taking this drastic action (the majority of palliative carers attest to the fact that it is extremely rare for a dying patient to request to be medicated to death when good palliation is in place.)
  • The slippery slope – when will families try to take matters into their own hands?/ What circumstances will be conditions to be euthanised – e.g. just ‘feeling suicidal?’
  • Why are we running campaigns against suicide only to legalise it?

Act Now

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